Serving Our Customers
Working to meet the requirements of the times and of our clients

Todayfs clients expect mold manufacturers to meet very demanding standards. They want to be
sure the manufacturer can deliver superior products in a short timeframe. To meet these
expectations, we make an active effort to fully equip our design and manufacturing departments
with the latest equipment and technology. In this way, we ensure that we can always provide
our clients with high-quality molds in a timely manner. We were an early adopter of CAD/CAM
as an adjunct to conventional two-dimensional data. Our state-of-the-art setup allows us to
exchange 3-D data with clients quickly and reliably.
What we actually export overseas is only the mold data. We keep up with the latest trends in the
field in order to be able to compete internationally in an increasingly borderless world.
The manufacturing equipment in our field is constantly being upgraded, and we make sure to always have the latest models. We strive constantly to provide our clients with a quick
response and superior quality, as we believe these are the keys to true customer satisfaction.
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